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Albert Hofmann
Aldous Huxley
Robert Pirsig
Timothy Leary
Terence Mckenna
Aldous Huxley
Timothy Leary
 Albert Hofmann :
 LSD - My Problem Child (excerpts from chapter 1-4)
91 kb
 Aldous Huxley :
 Raja's notes on What's What and What it Might be
13 kb
 The Doors of Perception (part 1)
37 kb
 The Perennial Philosophy
26 kb
 The Politics of Ecology (1963)
32 kb
Robert Pirsig :
 The Hippy Revolution (1992, excerpts from Lila, an inquiry into morals)
32 kb
 Timothy Leary :
 Using LSD Imprinting the Tibetan-Buddhist Experience.
22 kb
 Terence Mckenna :
 Plan Plant Planet.
24 kb
 On Death & Dying (interview Eric Davis, November 1999)
15 kb
 Message to the Psycommunity (1999)
4 kb