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  MicroDutch - United Nations Portal
  Programmes and Funds :
    UN  United Nations
    UNICEF  United Nations Children Fund
    WFP  World Food Programme
    UNDP  United Nations Development Programme
    UNFPA  United Nations Population Fund
    UNEP  United Nations Environmental Programme
  UNFCC  United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change
    UNFF  United Nations Forum on Forests
    UNCTAD  United Nations Conference on Trade & Development
    UNHSP  UN Human Settlements Programme
    UNECE  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
 Specialized Agencies  
    ILO  International Labour Organization
    IMF  International Monetary Fund
    FAO  United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization
    UNESCO  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural  Organization
    UNIDO  United Nations Industrial Development Organization
    WHO  World Health Organization
    World Bank  World Bank Group
    ICAO  International Civil Aviation Organization
    IFAD  International Fund for Agricultural Development
    IMO  International Martime Organization
    ITU  International Telecomminication Union
    UPU  Universal Postal Union
    WMO  World Meteorological Organization
    WIPO  World Intellectual Property Organization
 Related Organizations  
    IAEA  International Atomic Energy Agency
    WTO  World Trade Organization
    WTO  World Tourist Organization
    CTBTO  Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization