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  Total Solar Eclipse Timetable 2015 - 2017
  A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon shifts in between the sun and the planet Earth. The shadow of the moon travels from west to east across the earth turning the day into the night.

 Total Solar Eclipses 2015 - 2017
  Solar eclipses occur when the Moon shifts in between the Sun and Planet Earth.  Year  Date  Duration  Time  Visible from
 2015  Mar 20  x:x min  10.36  
 2016  Mar 09  x:x min  02.54  
 2017  Aug 21  x:x min  19.30
  Lunar Eclipses occur when Planet Earth is between the full moon and Sun.  Caution: To watch this extraordinary natural phenomenon you need special solar  eclipse glasses to protect your eyes.
  The Moon passes through all it's phases every 29.53 days.