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Artists | DJ Shaktycat
EarthDance Amsterdam 2001

DJ Shaktycat

Chiara Bella was born in the mid-seventies in Italy where she was involved with organizing techno events. She moved to Amsterdam in the nineties, only to become the number one psychedelic female DJ in the Netherlands during the start of the new Millennium.

Guided by her talented ears and mixing skills, she tunes people on the dancefloor into the higher kind of frequencies, where desire for daylight is lost and love for psychedelic trance music is regained.

Currently as of 2005, she spins both solo and back-to-back with her partner in crime DJ Satyr (Ozmali Records, NL) and has embarked on an international career playing alongside established artists like Eat Static, Etnica, Huxflux and Xerox.

WARNING: This is not your slow sunday train rolling into Rome - this is Shaktycat: Ready to crawl and let you jump up to around 147 beats per minute.

DJ Shaktycat opened the new EarthDance Amsterdam concept in 2001

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